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Simultaneous Connections


Simultaneous Connections


Simultaneous Connections

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$13.00 /mo
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12 Month plan

$7.99 /mo
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Few reasons to choose freeVPN

VPN works like a bullet-proof sedan, allowing you to cross the busy streets of urban internet with ease, comfort, and security.

Defeat ISP Speed Throttling

Become invisible to even your ISP to avert speed throttling.

Unlimited Data Transferg

VPN offers unlimited bandwidth with any account.

Unlimited Server Switching

Switch servers as many times you want with any account.

Multiple Security Protocols

PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, OpenVPN & the revolutionary Stealth protocol.

IP Leakage Protection

Get complete protection against IPV6 and DNS leak.

Secure Wi-Fi

VPN offers unlimited bandwidth with any account.

Complete Anonymity

We offer more than 88,000+ IPs for complete anonymity.

Feel the simplicity

Unlike other VPN providers, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to get started with Use one of our helpful guides to setup your device and get protected in a few minutes.

Frequently Asked

We offer regular one-off payments, as well as subscriptions. If you prefer not to subscribe, you can make a manual payment. We recommend a subscription, so you can stay protected and don't have to worry about your account expiring.

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Works with Windows 7, 8 and 10 (Version: 1.3.3)

How does freeVPN work?

VPN establishes a secured and encrypted VPN connection between your computer and our VPN servers. All in-and outgoing connections will be anonymized and no third-party can see your real IP address then.

Can I use freeVPN for free?

Free plan is, and always will be, completely free. There is no trial period, and the Free plan does not require you to add a credit card or other payment method. Not just that, it doesn't even require you to signup or register.

Do you store any logs?

No, we have a strictly non-logging policy and do not create any activity logs at all.

Do you log the activity of free users?

No. Our system is not designed to log any activity. It doesn't matter which plan you use, you always benefit from our strict privacy policy.

Does your VPN work with BitTorrent clients?

Yes, we do not limit or throttle your Torrent speed. You can enjoy the best speed if you enable dynamic port-forwarding and bind your VPN client with our SOCKS proxy to the VPN connection.

What are the minimum system requirements?

You can establish a VPN connection from every device with every operating system. You can use our client for Android, iOS and Windows or connect with the native VPN clients from Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and Linux.

Do you limit Premium accounts

We do not limit our premium users in any way. They can use as much bandwidth as they want. There is no fair use policy: you always get what you paid for!

What does "best effort" bandwidth mean?

Our paid customers have higher priority when it comes to bandwidth, and they enjoy best VPN bandwidth policy on the market. This means we have to limit our free users’ bandwidth from time to time. The minimum bandwidth for free users is 3 Mbit/s, but there is no static cap at all.