FreeVPN Contact Details

Hi there and thanks for dropping by! We know that you have a specific reason for visiting this page, so here are the contact details of each of our departments:

Technical Customer Support

If you have any CyberGhost-related inquiries, get in touch with our knowledgeable colleagues from Technical Support via the Live Chat feature. Before dropping them a line though, consider going through our extensive FAQs, which include solutions to the most common situations.

Customer contact

If you are looking for details concerning subscriptions and rates, please get in touch with our Support team, using the above-mentioned Live Chat feature. For questions about orders, invoices, product keys, please contact [email protected], our shop operator.

Public Relations & Press

In case you want to write about freeVPN and need extra info, get in touch with us via this address: [email protected].com Useful press materials can be also found on our dedicated Press page.